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The Story of our Superior Lens Technology

The Story of our Superior Lens Technology 1024 500 Tajima Direct | Premium Lens Replacement

It Started 20 Years Ago

Tajima Direct™ co-founder Steve Rosenberg
left his executive position at Oakley™ to build on his idea
for a superior polarized lens technology.
He sourced the very best polarized lens maker
in the world – in Japan.
They had the secret black box recipe’s,
techniques and skilled craftsmen to manufacture
unique 30 micron-thin polarized film in specific tints,
while controlling polarized efficiency and light transmission
that no other lens maker could.

Then, Steve introduced his concept for a new, uncompromising
and superior lens material that offered the optics of glass,
shatter and impact resistant, durable, and extremely lightweight,
to be combined with specific glare-free polarized lens tints
for practical market-changing use and applications.
It was, at this time 20 years ago,
that our partnership began and ultimately,
our patented Tajima Urethane™ lens technology was born.

Since then, we’ve evolved
our technology, lens treatments and applications.
We’ve also now made Tajima Urethane
available to anyone – for any frame –
for prescription lens replacement
or sunglass lens replacement,
for the first time ever!

Read more about our story here

Vintage spectacle and sunglass frames ordered and built for customer Rod H., Switzerland

Ok, but Everyone Says
They’re the Best…
How do We Prove it?

1. Unbiased, Independent,
Third-Party Lens Testing
Performed by:

Tajima Urethane™ vs. Other Common Lens Materials

Don’t know what your sunglass lenses are made of?

Costa del Mar: Polycarbonate / Glass
Maui Jim: Polycarbonate / Nylon / Glass
Persol: Glass
Oakley: Polycarbonate
Ray ban: Polycarbonate / CR-39 / Glass
Prada: Polycarbonate
Kaenon: Tajima Urethane
Revo: Polycarbonate / Nylon / Glass
Smith: Polycarbonate / Glass
Dolce & Gabbana: Polycarbonate / CR-39 / Nylon

Read more about our lens technology here.

2. Verified Buyer Reviews

3. Your Own Eyes

You won’t really know until you look through them.
That’s why we offer you 30 Days Risk Free
to send them back for a full refund.
(We’ll even pay the return shipping)

Give them a try.
If nothing else, to experience the view
you’ve been missing out on.

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Including Rx Replacement Lenses 

Our lenses. Your frames.
Sent directly back to you™.

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