Tajima-Direct.com Gift Card

Give the gift of sharp, crystal clear vision with new Tajima lenses custom made for any frame!

Instead of buying more new stuff, consider a sustainable gift to extend the life and upgrade the quality of a loved one’s favorite sunglasses or eyeglasses. They’ll love it and our planet will too!


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Hi Index Lens Options are available upon request

Giftcard Notice

The Gift Card has no expiration.

Terms And Conditions

Gift Cards cannot be refunded.


Guide to Gifting a Specific Set of Lenses:

$99 – Polarized Sunglass Lenses

$249 – Prescription Clear Lenses (Single Vision)

$349 – Prescription Clear Lenses (Progressive)

$325 – Prescription Polarized Sunglass Lenses (Single Vision)

$425 – Prescription Polarized Sunglass Lenses (Progressive)

$375 – Prescription Transitions Lenses (Single Vision)

$495 – Prescription Transitions Lenses (Progressive)


Why Should You Gift New Lenses?

  1. Sustainability – Instead of buying more new stuff, extend the life and upgrade the quality of glasses that your friends & family already have, keeping those frames out of the landfill.
  2. Beneficial for Everyone – Everyone has at least one pair of sunglasses or prescription glasses they love. At some point, they will inevitably need new lenses and will be thrilled to keep their favorite frames going while receiving new, upgraded vision!
  3. Support Small – You’ll be supporting a new, independent, up-and-coming, family-owned business! 🙂


How Does It Work?

Ordering the Gift Card:

  1. Select Gift Card Amount – Increments start at $50. Or, select the cost of the specific lens you’d like to gift.
  2. Enter Name / Gift Message – Personalize your gift card with your name, your recipient’s name, and a nice message.
  3. Select your Delivery Method– You can schedule the gift card to be emailed to your recipient on a specific date or you can have it sent to yourself to print and give to the recipient in person!

If you opted to E-Mail the Gift Card:

We’ll e-mail the digital gift card to your recipient on the date you selected.

If you opted to Print the Gift Card:

We’ll e-mail you the gift card as a PDF that you can print and gift to your recipient in person.

Redeeming the Gift Card:

The gift card will include a unique code that your recipient can use to purchase new lenses from Tajima at any time in the future by inputting the code at checkout.



Gift Cards are not returnable after purchase.

Gift Cards never expire.

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