Mykita x Tajima Direct Rx x Dave Roberts

Mykita x Tajima Direct Rx x Dave Roberts 541 430 Tajima Direct | Premium Lens Replacement
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Tajima Direct Rx
Dave Roberts

When reigning World Series Champion and Dodgers manager Dave Roberts
stopped by Tajima HQ to get fitted for new
Tajima Polarized Prescription Progressive Lenses
before departing to Spring Training,
he brought his favorite sunglass frames
made by German luxury eyewear brand Mykita.
What Dave didn’t know at the time,
Tajima is the polarized lens supplier to this iconic Berlin-based brand.

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The result of this global and cultural mash-up of industry leaders and champions
debuted Friday at Dodgers Stadium on Opening Day!
Tajima’s Patented Polarized Lens Technology, made in Japan
Mykita’s Innovative Frame Designs, made in Germany
Tajima’s Advanced Digital Prescription Lens Technology,
custom made and assembled in California
For World Series Champion manager Dave Roberts, Los Angeles Dodgers

Dave Roberts Team Huddled Behind
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Dave Corey Seager
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